Serena Lin

Senior Clinical Extern

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Serena Lin is a senior clinical extern at Aurora Integrative Medical and a recent graduate of the 4 year Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program at BINM. She continues to see patients under her externship at AIM while awaiting licensing and board exams. Patients booking with Serena will not only get the unique experience with her calm bubbly personality, but also receive additional support from her supervising licensed Naturopathic Doctors. It is essentially like having a team of outstanding experts at your side taking care of your health goals without any added cost.

So, what is Serena’s story? How is she different from other clinicians?
At age 8, her grandfather suffered from a heart attack and stroke that left him paralyzed on one side of his body. When his doctors attributed his disease to his lifestyle (smoking, drinking, and heavy indulgences in rich foods), she was shocked! Despite the link made between his lifestyle and health, there was little education given by his primary care providers on how to change his habits or improve his diet down the road. Serena vividly remembers feeling devastated at how his quality of life was immensely affected thereafter and wondered what could have been done to prevent the disease. These questions inspired her to hunt for answers in day to day living; she focused her search on food.

Growing up in a small, family owned Chinese restaurant allowed her to develop a keen appreciation for food and the beauty behind their tastes, aromas, textures, flavours, and extensive variety. Daily lessons in the kitchen with her father from a young age taught her about herbs, spices,and the powerful healing properties of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Serena was also fortunate to grow up with an organic garden of vegetables and herbs that provided ample harvests and natural remedies. It is no surprise that she became a self-proclaimed foodie and began searching for a profession in healing the body with the gifts from nature.

In her quest to find a career that joined preventative medicine and natural healing, Serena stumbled upon a job opportunity at a naturopathic clinic while completing her Bachelors of Science at Simon Fraser University. Alongside her two other jobs in conventional medical offices, she had the golden opportunity to experience both spectrums of medicine simultaneously. She saw first hand how naturopathic philosophies drastically improved each patient’s quality of life. Personally seeing these changes gave her certainty that becoming a naturopathic physician would allow her to help others avoid travelling the same path as her grandfather.

Fast forward 8 years of postsecondary education, Serena is currently a clinical extern providing individualized health care that is customized, effective, and measurable to all her patients. Given her own experiences with extremely busy schedules (recall her 3 jobs while in university), she loves helping her patients improve mental and physical performance so they feel energized while keeping up with their hectic lifestyles. Her grounded and compassionate personality gives patients a safe space for conversation and support that can be trusted. She takes the time to thoroughly understand each individual’s case to provide a treatment plan that will optimize their body to treat disease at its root cause and prevent illness.

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