Shauna Coxe


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Shauna specializes in lymphatic drainage, body awareness, and stress reduction through her bodywork and esthetic practices. Since beginning her practice in 2000, she has learned from her diverse clientele that many of us have unique stories beneath the physical symptoms we experience. These stories have encouraged her to continue her education and develop an Integrated Bodywork practice that combines hands-on massage with guided relaxation, body and breath awareness. Her work has led her to practice in both Spa settings and Holistic Clinics, and her certifications include Advanced Level training in Aromatherapy and Bodywork. As an esthetician, she provides skin care assessments and protocols unique to each individual, and she enjoys watching the progress of her clients as they work on their health both inside and out. Shauna continues to pursue a degree in counselling and is passionate about tuning in to tension patterns and the energetic blocks in the body that can contribute to lymphatic congestion and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

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